Before you make the Online Payment please read the following instructions.
You will be able to make payments for any of the Workshops or the Annual Scientific Sessions in a highly secure environment

Please remember to enter the Name of the Workshop or Scientific Session to which you planning to join in the box titled "Your Contact Details (For payment and delivery)" in the form

If you are  applying for more than one Programme/Session please make the payments separately so that identification of the payment will be clear.

About using the Credit Card

Online Transactions with a One Time Password (O T P) is a password used for each transaction separately and will be sent to the card holder's mobile phone number/ email address registered with the Bank to which the card belongs to via a SMS/ email at the time of using the card at web sites which are VBV enabled. So this will be helpful for any future online payments from your card.

If this facility is not activated your card will not be able to make transactions with any of the websites providing highly secure transactions. So please call your Card Centre Hotline and activate the OTP facility before this transaction is attempted.

You may have to register your phone number / email address with your bank so that any transaction done using the credit card will have a higher security. Most of the new cards will have it already activated.

Online Payment Gateway will be active soon.